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The house has been full of builders and decorators this week. The Butler’s Pantry, formerly the volunteers’ tearoom and then used last season as a children’s activity area, is being transformed back into its original use…but with a difference.

The Butler's Pantry under construction

The duties of a Butler were varied. They ranged from managing his master’s clothes, to looking after the wine and ale, to keeping the stock book. The job could be stressful,

‘It is…necessary that you should know your business and have sufficient nerves to manage a dinner-party…’   

(The Footman’s Directory And Butler’s Remembrancer)

The Butler was also in charge of rooms such as the Wine Cellar, Dining Room and Pantry. These duties will be reflected in our new room. Different types of polish, wax, brushes, preserves, gins, and anything related to a Butler’s profession will not only be on display, but will also be for sale! 

The small room to the side of the pantry will contain the Butler’s Sitting Room. It will be a cosy room with sofas to sit down on, books to read and an inviting fireplace. The rooms are due to open with the opening of the Mansion next season-I can’t wait!

The Pantry on its way to being completed