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Yesterday, the Attingham troop headed across to the neighbouring National Trust property of Sunnycroft. I have never been before, so was excited at the chance to visit this Victorian villa. I was not disappointed – the house has a lovely, welcoming feel and it is easy to imagine a family once living here (or rather, I can easily imagine myself living here!) Armed with brushes and dusters, our task was to help with the general and high level cleaning of the hall. This involved taking down several paintings so that the tops and backs of the frames could be properly cleaned.

Taking down paintings in the Hall

Ignoring the feeling of looking like a Ghostbuster (the hoovers wrap around your back, successfully imitating the Ghostbuster backpack), we carefully cleaned the frames using the vacuum and a pony hair brush. It was a good chance to view the paintings and their gilded frames up close.

Meanwhile, Caroline was busy buffing the wooden floor of the Hall, and Sally was using a hogs hair brush to clean the intricate wooden banister. By lunchtime, paintings had been re-hung, carpets replaced, and furniture put back.

Sally using a hogs hair brush on one of the many longcase clocks at Sunnycroft

All in all, a successful attack on dust…and a room left clean and conserved.