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This week has been extremely busy as the house team finish the final preparations for the opening of the mansion this Saturday.

All the show rooms have been uncovered, set up, vacuumed and dusted. The room guides have been in to have a refresher on the house and to see what is new; ipod shuffles and speakers have been hidden in several rooms, giving a lovely ambiance to the house, and shiny new interpretation has been installed.

The Inner Library ready for the new season

In and amongst the goings on, we have had our clock conservator, Sue Ford, come in to do the annual check. Sue inspects each clock and the record kept for it, ensuring that there are no problems. If there are any glitches, she will take the clock apart and check the insides.

Sue Ford working on the clock from the Tearoom

And finally, the Butler’s Pantry is finished and looking good!

The Butler's Pantry