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I have occasionally provided links to the National Trust Collections website (www.nationaltrustcollections.org.uk) during my previous posts on this blog to enable you to find out further information on specific objects that have featured in some of the photos I have presented. The website includes records for all of the collection objects held at the various properties belonging to The National Trust.

Each property has a selection of collection highlights on the website and Attingham’s can be found by clicking here. These are objects that we think will be of interest to our visitors and which reflect the broad themes of the entire Attingham collection. For this weeks post I have presented a number of photographs from our archive that bring these objects to life.

The fist object I have chosen is the Red Cross armband worn by Teresa Hulton during her service on the Italian Front in the First World War. She served in the Red Cross from 1915 until the end of the war in 1918 and if you look carefully at the photo below taken in 1915, you will see her proudly wearing the armband on her left arm. The second photo, also taken in 1915, shows her treating a soldier at the hospital at Camerata in Italy. 

Teresa Hulton In Red Cross Uniform - 1915


Teresa Hulton At Camerata Hospital 1915

At the end of the war, Teresa was rewarded for her service with the Italian Croce di Guerra (Cross of War). This award is still kept at Attngham and further details can be found here.

The second object is the Fortuny gown, worn by Lady Berwick when she sat for her portrait by Sir Gerald Kelly which still hangs at Attingham. The picture below, taken in the early 1920’s shows Kelly at work during the sittings for the portrait which took place in the Boudoir at Attingham.

Sir Gerald Kelly Painting The 8th Lady Berwick In The Boudoir

My third object is the striking ‘Tiger Hunt’ wallpaper that is now situated in the passageway linking the ‘female’ and ‘male’ sides of the house. The wallpaper was part of a scheme that originally hung in the 8th Lady Berwick’s bathroom and the photograph below shows another section of the wallpaper ‘in situ’ in its original location.

Tiger Hunt Wallpaper In Lady Berwick's Bathroom

The last object that I have chosen is the marble mosaic that incorporates the coat of arms of the 8th Lord Berwick. The mosaic was installed in 1966 by students of the Shropshire Adult Education College, run by Sir George Trevelyan, which operated at Attingham between 1946 and 1975. The photos below show the mosaic being prepared for its installation.

Marble Mosaic Being Prepared For Installation

Our highlights offer only a glimpse of over 9000 collection objects that we have at Attingham. I’d strongly encourage you to investigate the National Trust Collections website further to find out more about the historic objects that we keep, whatever property you are planning on visiting in the future, but especially if you are coming to Attingham.