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As I’ve mentioned before, there are roughly 9000 objects in the collection here at Attingham and not all are on display. So, where do we keep them?

They are kept in several storerooms in the mansion. The environment within these rooms is carefully controlled so that objects will not start to deteriorate. In particular, the temperature and relative humidity are kept controlled at a constant level. If the relative humidity is over 65%, the damp atmosphere will cause mould, encourage insect attack and can shrink tightly woven textiles. If under 45%, the dry environment can cause wood to crack and glues to desiccate.

A minimum temperature of 5°C and a maximum temperature limit of 22°C is required. Too hot, and insects are encouraged; too cold and staff freeze!

The storeroom at the top of the mansion contains some really interesting objects, and I could happily spend the afternoon hunting through the boxes.

One of the storerooms.

One of the storerooms.

The blue boxes depicted contain the textile and costume collection. The boxes are acid-free and the textiles are packed and wrapped in acid-free tissue paper. An exhibition running from the beginning of June will showcase the costume in relation to Andy’s photograph project and the archives.

To give you a hint of what the exhibition will showcase, here is the briefest glimpse of some items that will be on display…

Costume soon to be on display.

Can you guess what any of the items in the box are?