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 Hello everyone, just to introduce you to us, the new interns at Attingham. We are Emma, Jenny and Amy, and we will be working with the Conservation and Engagement team for the next six months. We will be regularly updating the blog with what is happening in the mansion and also what we are getting up to on our internships.

Amy dusting in the Picture Gallery

We have individual projects which we will be blogging about. Emma will working in the stores and creating interpretation for the Tours to the Stores (September 17th-29th). Jenny will be learning how to wind the different clocks around the mansion, and creating interpretation for paintings, portraits and miniatures over the summer. Amy will be working with the team on the interpretation for ‘Through the Roof’, the next phase of the Attingham Re-discovered project.

Emma opening the blinds in the Entrance Hall

So far we have been finding our way around the mansion, learning how to clean the visitor route and opening up the mansion on a daily basis for all the visitors. We are looking forward to being part of the team at Attingham and we hope you enjoy reading our blog posts.

Emma, Jenny and Amy.