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With the Olympics now upon us, I thought that this would be a good time to show you some photographs from our collection highlighting Attingham’s sporting connections. Several Lord Berwick’s, notably the 4th and the 7th Lords, enjoyed traditional country sporting pursuits such as shooting and fishing, but these photos show that other activities were enjoyed by those associated with Attingham as well.

Neither the 8th Lord nor the 8th Lady Berwick are well known for their love of sport, but they did occasionally take part in physical activity and clearly both enjoyed a game of tennis from time to time.

The first photo below shows Teresa Hulton in 1908, 11 years before she married and became the 8th Lady Berwick, dressed and equipped for action on the tennis court while still living in Italy.

Teresa Hulton – Italy, 1908

The second photo shows the 8th Lord Berwick in action on the court at Cronkhill in the early 1920’s.

8th Lord Berwick At Cronkhill – 1920’s

The 8th Lady Berwick also enjoyed a swim and she can be seen below showing of her bathing costume on the rocks at Portmeirion, again in the 1920’s.

8th Lady Berwick At Portmeirion – 1920’s

One of my favourite photographs in our collection has a sporting theme and is shown below.

An Unknown Lady Golfer

In these days of high tech sporting equipment and clothing it is fantastic to think that this is how ladies once dressed for a game of golf. Unfortunately we have no information as to who this lady is, although we believe it might be Brada Simpson or Blanche Martin, both of whom were married to Teresa’s uncle, Jessup Hulton who was known to be a keen golfer.

Finally, evidence that Attingham was not immune from the charms of the ‘beautiful game’ comes with our last photo that shows a group of men ready for a game of football in the Walled Garden. It is thought that this picture was taken in the 1950’s or 1960’s while the Adult Education College was in residence at Attingham. I hope that the greenhouse which can be seen behind the men survived the game intact!!

Mens Football Team In The Walled Garden