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In the first week of September, between Saturday 1st and Friday 7th Attingham will be hosting a special National Trust event. Called ‘7 Days At Attingham Park’, the event offers a unique opportunity to find out more about the work that we do via a range of talks and activities, many featuring our experts in fields such as conservation, archaeology and horticulture.

Each day will be focussing on a different theme and our experts will be showing how they monitor, explore and document the historic collection and landscape at Attingham.

Of particular interest to readers of this blog may be events on Tuesday 4th September when the theme for the day is ‘Love and Neglect’. Included in the activities on that day is a talk from Anita Bools our expert in photographic materials. She will be speaking about ‘Caring for Photographs’ and will be showing examples from our photographic archive to illustrate her talk, including some from the historic albums documenting the childhood years of Teresa Hulton, the 8th Lady Berwick, which she spent in Venice and elsewhere in Europe.

This is an opportunity to view actual photographs, such as the one below, showing Teresa with her father William and sister Gioconda in Venice in 1894. These are photographs that are nearly 120 years old and on the day you will have an opportunity to discuss aspects of their care and conservation with Anita.

Teresa, William and Gioconda Hulton In Venice – 1894

More information on this photograph and the album in which it is contained can be found here.

Some of the other historic photos in our collection provide connections to other events that are taking place during ‘7 Days’. Over the weekend of the 1st and 2nd September for example there will be a chance for you to enjoy a ‘Tour of The Tern’ by boat with our Countryside Manager. This event will explore the riverbank life and landscape of Attingham and explain how we manage the river.

Many previous visitors to Attingham have enjoyed the tranquillity of the river. The photograph below for example, shows Gioconda Hulton, elder sister of the 8th Lady Berwick, out for a punt on the river during a visit to Attingham in the 1920’s.

Gioconda Hulton On The Tern At Attingham – 1920’s

On the 5th September, the focus of events will be on the travels of those who lived at Attingham, notably the Grand Tours of Europe made in the late 1700’s and early 1800’s by the 2nd and 3rd Lord Berwick’s. A number of items from our collection were purchased or commissioned during these tours, including the painting below by Angelica Kauffmann and the day will feature specialist talks by our experts on some of the furniture, silver and paintings contained in our collection.

Euphrosyne Complaining To Venus By Angelica Kauffman

Further information on the painting by Kauffman can be found here.

Many paintings purchased by the 2nd Lord Berwick on his Grand Tour would have originally hung in the Picture Gallery at Attingham, although many were subsequently sold off during the bankruptcy sale of 1827.

The Picture Gallery was designed by the architect John Nash and has always been one of the most loved rooms at Attingham for both visitors and inhabitants of the house. The photograph below shows the 8th Lord and Lady Berwick in the room in the 1930’s. I wonder what our housekeepers today would make of dogs being allowed into the room!!

The 8th Lord and Lady Berwick In The Picture Gallery – 1930’s

If you have read recent posts on this blog by Amy and Jenny you will know that The Picture Gallery is to undergo major refurbishment works to its roof from the end of this year as part of the ongoing ‘Attingham Rediscovered’ project.

On Friday 7th September, ‘7 Days’ offers a chance to hear from a number of people with key roles in the team for this exciting project, including Sarah Kay, the project curator and David Duckham, the architect responsible for the design of the new roof that will be replacing Nash’s original design.

I hope that this has given you a taste of some of the interesting events that will be occurring at Attingham during the first week of September. If you can’t make it along to Attingham, why not go to Calke Abbey which is hosting a similar event, instead? Further details of the ‘7 Days’ events at both properties, including details of some events which need to be pre-booked, can be found by clicking here