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Hello readers of the Attingham Mansion Blog!

We thought that you might like to take a peek at our new blog, Attingham WWI Stories. Here is a link to the blog homepage: http://attinghamww1stories.wordpress.com/

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Attingham WWI Stories has posts giving exciting insights into what was happening at Attingham and in the lives of the 8th Lord and Lady Berwick during the First World War. Posts appear monthly and show what was going on that same month 100 years ago. Based on research into letters and documents of the war years, each post will include quotes and photographs from the time.

During WWI, Attingham was tenanted by the Dutch-American Van Bergen family. The outbreak of the war found the family planning to give part of the house as a military hospital, which opened in October 1914. By 1918 there were 60 beds and an operating theatre.

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During the war years, Thomas, 8th Lord Berwick, served in the Shropshire Yeomanry and as a diplomat in Paris. He had met Teresa Hulton, later the 8th Lady Berwick, before the war and continued to correspond with her throughout the war. They were married in June 1919 and began a new chapter in Attingham’s history when they came to live together on the estate.

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Teresa had grown up amongst elegant and artistic surroundings in Venice. When the war broke out she was visiting relatives in England, where she found work helping Belgian refugees who had fled to London, and translating secret documents. When Italy joined the war in May 1915, Teresa returned to Italy to work for the Red Cross. She was stationed at Cervignano, near the Italian Front Line, where she worked as a nurse and at a soldiers’ canteen.

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The mass of letters and photographs that Teresa brought with her to Attingham after her marriage provide an invaluable resource into life during WWI and they will be the main focus of the blog posts.

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Our WWI exhibition entitled The Great War for Civilisation is available to view daily from 10am in the Attingham Park Stables.