Attingham Park was built for the 1st Lord Berwick in 1785 and was in continuous ownership by the family for more than 160 years. As their fortunes rose and fell they proved themselves to be spenders, savers and saviours.

Since 2006 the Attingham Re-discovered project has been bringing the house and grounds back to life. Our visitors have joined us on this exciting journey by witnessing the conservation and restoration.

The work we do each year depends on staff capacity and the income generated on site. It is important to move slowly and carefully and not rush decisions. There is no finish date for the project, initially it was to last six years but its success has encouraged us to be more ambitious.

Rather than closing off whole areas of the house until they are ‘ready’, we aim to demonstrate ‘conservation in action’ and visitors see the experts at work.

By engaging our visitors in the debates we hope to make it clearer why these decisions need to be so carefully thought through, why they often take a long time, cost a lot of money and that there are usually no right or wrong answers.

Follow the Mansion team as they deal with the day to day issues of running a country house and conserving its collection, whilst bringing their property to life.

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Fascinating to read about Attingham. However, I think the school was the Edgbaston Church of England ‘College’, not ‘School’. But nice photo!

  2. I would love to know where you sourced the replica colza lamps in the dining room ,. I am trying to find such lamps for an early georgian house . I would also love to know which of the modern lamps proved the most original through out the house as I have soon to make a major investment in light bulbs to put in all the refurbished fittings. It’s great to see that these things are important to others.

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