Name:   Helen Royall

Job title:   Engagement and Conservation Manager

What I do:   Looking after Day Organisers, Tour Guides, Room Guides, Conservation and Engagement Assistants and Buggy Drivers – thats around 300 volunteers! Managing everything that happens in the Mansion and in the visitor facilities; ensuring that we maintain care of the collection and building and get across our property themes and stories. Ensuring that we are compliant in security, health and safety and fire regulations so we can open the doors to the Mansion to the public! I also act as the Duty Manager from time to time.


2 thoughts on “Staff”

  1. Hayley Rimington said:

    Hello Engagment and Conservation team!

    I am a second year student on the new MPhil Textile Conservation course at the University of Glasgow. I am currently writiing my dissertation, ‘Economic pressures on textile conservation: the development of public engagement through practice in historic houses’. I wish to use the Attingham Re-discovered project for a case study, because I have found it particularly inspiring and extremely relevant to my research.

    I have contacted Sarah Kay regarding her ICOM-CC paper on the project, however, I believe that your team may be more knoweldgable in regards to the angle I am taking with my dissertation.

    Is is possible to contact one of the team direct?

    Kind Regards,

    Hayley Rimington

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